Now that everyone is online and at home, couples may be wondering whether to start a conversation about a formal separation or a divorce. Deciding to end a relationship is rarely easy and couples may be feeling stuck right now. During this period of uncertainty it can feel like there is no roadmap and we are all trying to find our way through it as best we can.

Speaking to a family mediator can help you both understand what your options are regarding separation or divorce. I help separating couples think about a path forward regarding financial issues and the arrangements for your children. Deciding together what is best for your children may need to be discussed sooner rather than later and if you’re struggling to have this conversation over the phone, then online co-parenting mediation can help.

During online mediation I provide separating couples with legal information together, facilitate the conversation between the couple, and provide a formal structure with an action plan at the end of each meeting. Mediation is a non-judgemental space and my role as a mediator is neutral, which means that I do not take sides. I help couples to think about their futures as individuals and how to separate as amicably as possible without incurring significant legal fees.

Many couples are anxious about money. A conversation about a recent change in you or your ex’s financial circumstances, such as the loss of a job, future budgeting for household expenses, and applying for financial support from the government may be needed. A worry about money can cause conflict with your ex and anxiety can be heightened due to the current lockdown and need to self-isolate. A professional can mediate between you and your spouse to help preserve the co-parenting relationship and keep a line of communication open. It is important, where possible, to try to make decisions together about your children and money. While it may be tempting to ‘cut-off’ during self-isolation, this is a challenging time for separating couples as the need to talk honestly about any change in circumstances and what to do next is needed now more than ever.

As we all get used to working online we are starting to think less about the screen between us and others. There are some benefits to working online, such as those who want to avoid being in the same room with their ex, and there’s no commuting time. I use Zoom for my online mediation service. You can use Zoom from your laptop, iPad or mobile phone. Before mediation can start, I see each individual separately first for an online introductory and assessment meeting. This lasts around 45 minutes. During the online meeting I obtain some information from you, explain how online mediation works, and assess whether the process is suitable for you both. Each online meeting is confidential and it is important that you can find a private space free from interruptions. My service is flexible, and I can fit in around your working and children’s schedules during the week.

If you have any questions about divorce and family mediation online, feel free to email me at or call me on 07510711453.