Family and Divorce Mediation can take a broader approach than court proceedings, addressing issues individual to the people involved, which allow for more creative and personalised solutions.

Other advantages include:

  • You both decide the pace of progress by scheduling more or less frequent appointments, which are not subject to the same timetabling issues as court proceedings.

  • It is cheaper than court proceedings and litigation; you both share the cost of one mediator, rather than each paying a lawyer, likely at a higher hourly rate. You can schedule meetings to help you budget for each meeting.

  • The process is confidential, and cannot be offered in evidence (subject to limited exceptions) or otherwise disclosed unless you both agree.

  • You have more control over both the process and the outcome than in litigation, deciding how to deal with financial disclosure, and whether and on what terms to settle.

  • Mediation can minimise adversity and help preserve a good relationship between you both.

  • Since mediation involves reality-testing of any proposal, the resolutions it provides are more likely to be workable and adhered to than an order imposed by the court.

It is essential to a happier and less stressful future – for the children too – that separated couples and parents work together and consult each other about important decisions.

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